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Les Canots Roby, La référence en canots de cèdre

The Canots Roby

Reparation and fabrication of cedar canoes

Canot Roby is glad to announce you that the son of it's founder, Yves Robillard Jr., is taking over the company along with all the rights related to it. Yves Robillard Jr., has chosen to relocate the company in a new and improved workshop.


Canot Roby was designed and built in 1960 by it's founder Yves Robillard. Since then, it has been continuously innovating in new and various products as well as increasing the quality of it also.


In 1990, Canot Roby was approached by important American and European distributors, which sharply increassed the production to meet the ever-growing demand.


The founder moved towards retirement, selling the growing company to a third party. It is now his son, Yves Robillard Jr. that is taking over his father's work making sure this wonderful company remains.

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